Invitation Bid for “1st  Phase Site Development Construction Works of KMIC” (Bidding Documents Attached)

October 20, 2020
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တင်ဒါကာလ: October 20, 2020 - November 26, 2020
ကုမ္ပဏီ အမည်: KMIC Development Co., Ltd.
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Bid Announcement

KMIC Development Co., Ltd. intends to invite eligible Bidders for “1st  Phase Site Development Construction Works of KMIC”.

  1. Bid Title: 1st Phase Site Development Construction Works of KMIC
  • Location of KMIC: Nyaung Hnit-Pin, Yangon Region
  1. Spatial Work Scope: 1,273,514 ㎡ (69 acres, 1st phase)
  1. Duration of the Contract: 24 months from the commencement date
  1. Bidding Method: International Competitive Bidding

(Lump Sum & Unit Price Contract: the Employer shall provide unpriced BOQ and the Bidders shall submit priced BOQ)

  • Selection Method : QCBS (Quality and Cost Based Selection)
  1. Estimated price (exclusive of taxes): US$ 27,058,272
  • The Bid Price shall be equal or less than the Estimated Price.
  1. Work Scope: Site Development Construction Works for 1st phase of KMIC: earthwork, road and pavement, storm water drainage, wastewater collection, water supply, central canal

7.  Eligibility for bidding

  • Legal Requirement: A bidder (including all parties/partners in case of JV) shall be a legitimate company established in the Republic of Korea or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in accordance with the law procedures of the established country.
  • Construction Experience: A bidder shall have a(an) accumulative completed similar construction works experience of more than 1,270,000 ㎡ in the last ten (10) years as of the bid announcement date, and each unitary project experience shall be 100,000 ㎡ or more.

8.  Joint Venture (JV)

  • In the case of a Joint venture or association:
    • The number of associating companies is not allowed more than five (5), which means maximum five(5) members are allowed, and each member of a JV shall take at least five (5) percent share, and one member who has the largest share shall be a leading/representative membe
    • The JV shall have at least one Korean Company (a company established in the Republic of Korea), and a Korean Company of the JV shall be a leading/representative membe Companies established in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar may be member(s) of the JV.
  • In the case of a single bidder, a company established only in the Republic of Korea is allowed to be a bidder.

9.  Time Schedule

  • Bid announcement [19th October, 2020]
  • Pre-bid meeting (on-line) [21th October, 2020 / 14:00 p.m.]

*Zoom Meeting ID: 844 8655 4167 (

  • Query (21st ~ 23rd October, 2020) and Clarification [27th October, 2020]
  • Pre-registration with submission of Bid Security [28th October, 2020]
  • Bid submission deadline [26th November, 2020]
  • Opening and Evaluation of proposals [1st December, 2020]
  • Negotiation and Signing of the Contract [2nd ~ 4th December, 2020]

※ The above schedule can be changed depending on the situation.

10.  Contact Information

  • Address: Project Development Department, KMIC Development , Ltd., Suite 2007, Pyay Garden Office Tower, 346-354, Pyay Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
  • E-mail:
  • Attention: Hong, SungSoo, General Manager
  • Website:






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